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    Distress Radio Identification Device

    Distress Radio Identification Device 

    조난자 무선 식별장치



    This device is designed to identify the location of stranded individuals in maritime, mountainous, or remote areas. It can be carried or attached to a life jacket. When a distress signal is sent in this state, nearby rescue helicopters or bases can directly receive the signal, or the information of the stranded individual (location and ID) can be identified through satellites. This device serves as disaster rescue equipment.




     • The device operates in automatic mode through a water detection sensor and manual mode (by pressing SOS button), transmitting the individual ID and location information of the stranded individual.

     • Rescue signals can be received within 15 km from a base using 900MHz, and beyond that, reception is possible worldwide through satellites without distance limitations.




    § Transmitter


    •  - Frequency : 900MHz Band
    •  - Antenna: Omni-directional Helical Antenna
    •  - Battery: 3.7V /900mA, Lithium Polymer
    •  - Communication distance: around 15km
    •  - Continuous use: 7 hours
    •  - Number of IDs: 20,000 or more
    •  - Size: 52 x 100 x 26mm
    •  - Weight: 75g
    •  - IP68 Grade: Satisfied
    •  - Sealed exterior structure with buoyancy properties
      •  -Notification function of remaining battery level and charging time (control, LED, buzzer sound)
    •  - Audio-visual display such as distress signal transmission and operation status
    •  - Provide a ring to prevent the transmitter from seperation and a charger


    § Receiver


    •  - Frequency : 900MHz Band
    •  - Antenna: GP Antenna 6dBi or higher
    •  - Power: AC220V (or DC 12V)
    •  - Dimensions: 210 x 230 x 106mm
    •  - Weight: 3Kg
    •  - Rainproof Structure Enclosure
    •  - Connection with the satellite control center through TCP/IP communication
    •  - Control device connection method: RS-232
    •  - GPS location, data reception function
    •  - Status display function (power, GPS reception status, wireless communication status)
    •  - PC Interface: RS-232
    •  - Provide RF cable, data cable, dome type GPS


    § Control Program

     - Can be installed on Tablet PCs, laptops, computers, etc. that support Windows 10 or later


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